Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fun Date Night Activities

Ok, so my brilliant cousin Kami, has come up with a great way to keep me motivated to blog. I feel bad because I always feel like I have so much to blog about but by the time I actually sit down to do it, all of the things I wanted to say have piled up and the less excited I am about posting because it takes me literally hours to do it. So I am going to really try to stop stressing about including everything in here. Anyway back to the subject, Kami has given herself and anyone who wants to participate, a monthly topic or topics to blog about, so the first topic is fun date night activities and I gotta say I am totally boring when it comes to date nights. Eric and I hardly ever go out on dates, in fact we only go out on our birthdays or special occasions, but I just love going out to dinner or to the movies. I do miss the spontaneous dates we used to go on though, before the kids and lack of funds. We used to go for long walks just to talk about nothing and just to be together. We sometimes go for walks at the mall, but it has been a while since we have done that. We used to play bored games after the kids have gone to bed, but we haven't played any bored games in a really, really long time. Sometimes we play video games together, yes you heard right, I do play on occasion. And we like to catch up on recorded TV shows together since he is usually studying when the show actually comes on and its nicer when the kids are in bed. Hmmm... when we were first married one time, Eric just randomly took me out for ice cream and it was so unexpected, it was one of my most memorable dates. Well that really is it I guess, I told you it was boring, mostly I just think any time when we can be alone together is a great date, and we are both still as in love as ever, maybe even more. I also enjoyed going to the Zoo and to Sea World with Eric the one time we went together, but like I said lack of funds. I guess thats really all I have for the fun date night activities topic, but it really doesn't matter what you, do, it's who you do it with that matters!


  1. You got that right! It's funny how as we have kids and funds go down, anything you do can actually be considered a Date NIght as long as you're together.

  2. Hey Jennifer! I got your blog site off of Kami's blog. I love it! I look forward to keeping track of your adorable family on your blog!